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Sep 19, 2023

Dirt... the new sand

(a newsletter from 2015, retrieved for curiosity) Here is a little test to help you feel better about your obses...

Aug 29, 2023

The life cycle of a t shirt

Part one: Mid-ride, mid-shower, mid-life; take your pick. An idea pops into being. It gets drawn on whatever comes t...

Aug 22, 2023

The never-ending N+1

A couple of weeks ago the stars aligned and I added two new bikes to the stable at once. By a combination of circums...

Jul 12, 2023

Mountain biking culture... is there one?

The other day we went for a ride that gave us plenty of time to yak about mountain biking. Usually we get into a long...

Jun 27, 2023

How to feel like a 12 Year Old

Method 1: Get a new bike. Nothing creates the feeling of being twelve better than swinging your leg over a bike for...

Jun 21, 2023

The big bad Rail 9.8

A recent Nzo newsletter (you really should subscribe) referenced a review produced for NZ Mountain Biker magazine. A...

May 26, 2023

The Nzo T shirt project

This week we slapped together a clip featuring a fraction of the t shirt graphics we have had the fun of producing ...

May 19, 2023

25 Years of Dirtwear

This week marks the 25th Anniversary of the day Nzo opened for business. More or less. There is always plenty of wig...

Apr 14, 2023

We found a love letter

We went looking for an email about something or other, and accidentally found this entry, from one of our first custo...

Feb 24, 2023

Craters of the Moon

Mountain biking is a sport where some of the people who do it provide the facilities. Most other sports use places ...

Feb 10, 2023

How not to win friends, nor influence people.

  During a short spell between cyclones, we went over to the coast to do a few errands. I had a spare half hour so ...

Jan 27, 2023

First World Problems

We currently share a house with my very inspiring brother-in-law. He is 84, and right now he is training for a Sout...
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