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2023 Report to Stakeholders

2023 Report to Stakeholders

Hi there

Another year is about to disappear over the horizon, and we are looking forward to the next one.

It has taken most of this year to get a new version of our favourite all-purpose shorts to market, and get a few more lined up for the New Year.

Whatever it is about Nzo that appeals to people who become our customers, the durability of our products seems to figure in it.

It is hard for us to be objective. I ride my bike as much as I can, but I am often trying out new stuff. I have old stuff which has certainly seen a hard life, but it isn’t the same as somebody who has had two pairs of Dobies on rotation since 2003. So we can’t say hand-on-heart whether our products are genuinely exceptionally durable, or whether our schtick appeals to people who like to use a product for a long time, and only replace it when it is completely worn out.

Either way, we think it’s great that people might still be using a product they bought from us twenty years ago.

As many people have said to us, that isn’t necessarily a great business model if your product is about the same price as a trolley full of groceries. Or these days, half-full.

And if you have been reading these things for a while, you have probably figured out by now we are not really about flogging stuff for the sake of it. We try to make good products that are fit for purpose, and sell them to people who need them.

Now, we are not going to ask you to go out and badger your friends into buying Nzo stuff. Although, obviously we don’t mind if you do. We don’t want to start looking like a multi-level marketing scheme though, so go easy there.

What we do know, after years of fiddling with the controls, is that this very newsletter you are currently wading through is the best vehicle we have devised so far for creating eventual customers.

Here is the bottom line: for Nzo to still be a thing whenever the time comes to replace your favourite piece of kit, having new subscribers to our newsletter will help us stay alive.

Getting people to actually agree to receiving yet another bloody email is devilishy difficult, but once the right kind of people sign up, we find you stay signed up for years. And some of you buy stuff.

We think you are the right kind of people, and you will know the right kind of people.

So that is why we are asking you to share.

This newsletter is not our pick for one to send to your mates, so the link below directs your friends to a vintage one that is now on Nzoland. The next newsletter might be more interesting, can’t tell yet, but it will have the share link too.

Meanwhile, have a safe and happy festive season. Ride bikes. See you in 2024.


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