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A new year, same old stunts

A new year, same old stunts

Happy New Year!

We hope you have had a good time since our last communication.

Probably the highlight of my summer break was a visit from our son. I showed him around the new trails that have been created since his previous appearance, staying off the especially rowdy ones. He is still recuperating from a jump park disaster almost a year ago. I gave him my deluxe trail cruiser with the added comfort of ultra-modern suspension, and I took the hardtail.

One of the rides gave me the opportunity to test the impact resistance of the 2024 Sifters and the Nzo Merino T.

I established that hitting the deck hard enough to rattle my fillings and perforate my elbow has more or less no effect on these products that a couple of laps in the washing machine won’t fix.

Diving into a beautifully sculpted corner slightly too hot for my skillset, I found the little layer of dry pea gravel with my front tyre, and millivanilliseconds later, my entire carcass.

I didn’t even have time to get any of my appendages off the bike, landing with hands still holding the bars, feet attached to the pedals. Which, it turns out, is the best way to do it. No dislocations or skeletal problems whatsoever. Well, no new ones anyway.

Nathan thought that was skill, but it was actually just sudden circumstance meets slow reactions.

The next bit was actually quite touching: I tried to spring to my feet to demonstrate that I was intact and ready to continue, Nathan made me stay down until I gathered my wits. When I finally did get up, he insisted I stop testing the functionality of my various joints, or at least slow down a bit. The place where I landed had a surface similar to a cheese-grater, so my arm was dripping blood from a few places. One of Nathan’s classy looking socks was employed as a bandage, and he cleaned up the mess that was accumulating on my hand and parts of my bike with his precious death metal t-shirt.

He does know how to look after the old guy.

As mentioned above, the new shorts and t were unharmed. I haven’t tried anything like that on our latest product, a Long Sleeve version of the NzoMerino T, and I don’t plan to. They are made of the same fabric, in the same local factory, so lets just assume you can slide along the ground wearing one and only suffer a little indignity.

The socks and the Metallica T washed up good as. I was going to say new but that T is definitely vintage.

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