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Sifters - 24/7 Hardwear

Here is what they reckon:

24/7 functionality

We reckon if you shell out a decent investment on an apparel product you should be able to use it every day. The great days, when you go bike riding, and the other days, when maybe you don't.

Nzo Sifters are designed around that idea.


A not-so-recent development

The latest edition of our everyday favourites are actually the product of the five previous editions - each version honed by the hours we spend wearing them.

Elements that don't work are removed, things we like are refined.


"All summer, around here, we step out of the Sifters we have been wearing at work, and into a pair we have on duty for bike rides. We pair them up with Nzo Cruiseliners, and hit the trails. That same thing happens when we go to the lake with the kayak, only without the Cruiseliners. And to be fair, to the beach for a swim. Sifters are the shorts we use for everything we do."

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