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Why is Nzo closed for now?

Why is Nzo closed for now?

Excellent question. The new world of COVID - 19 has presented the single weirdest period in our long and complex history as a small apparel brand adrift on the high seas of global commerce.

For four great years we have been making our products with the best people we have ever had the good fortune to work with, and shipping from Hong Kong. About two-thirds of our sales are to people in other places around the world, and it was a good plan to have everything central in a transport hub like HK, but that has become too difficult to manage this year.

So we are relocating our warehousing and despatch to Rotorua. It has taken a long time and a lot of thinking to reach this decision, and we knew at some point we were going to have to shut down for a few days. Part of this change is reconfiguring the website, not much will change but we will be down for a few days while we do some stuff under the hood.

Bizarrely, 2020 has been very good for sales. We are down to a very small pile of stuff which will be available as soon as we re-open, and we have deliveries of fresh product and new stock of our 'Heritage' designs dropping over the next three months. 

Thanks for your interest in Nzo, look forward to getting the wheels back on on the next few days!

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