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Product testing and its downfalls

Product testing and its downfalls


We’ll admit it.

There are definite upsides to be in the business of bike stuff, and near to a whole heap of trails.

People tell us we are very lucky, and we can’t disagree.

Just so you don’t think everything around here is perfect, here are two things that happened to me recently, which wouldn’t have happened if I had enough sense to be doing something more sensible with my life.

Out testing product (honestly, it needs to be done), and all goes well until halfway down the first bit of Split Enz, where I inhale a bee. Or a wasp, doesn’t really matter. Probably better if was a wasp, I hate killing bees. 

It stung me on the tongue before I swallowed it. Quick stop to swish some water around, pointless exercise because by the time I get to Pondy New I have to clench my teeth to keep my tongue in my mouth. If I stuck it out experimentally, which I do for entertainment, it won’t go back in by itself.

I meet two acquaintances, to their vast amusement, and go to the emergency clinic in case it gets worse. They have a look at me, laugh a bit, and make me hang out for observation. 

A nurse gave me a lemonade ice block. 

Survived that episode, and a few other mishaps, but the latest was really impressive.

Once again, executed during what for many people are ‘work hours’. I was out with a couple of mates, you know, testing products again. We found a confused Czech and took him along with us. 

We had a fine old time, and although I was the slowest of the group, I made up for it by being the one closest to the ragged edge of his riding ability. 

You know that sweet spot where small things are going wrong at a frantic pace but all of them are manageable? I was riding like that.

Until I wasn’t.

Over the bars, down a bank, amazingly nothing broken.

I jumped up and tried to get going immediately, but Steve reckoned I should sit down for a minute, and added that I wouldn’t be riding the next day. He was right. It’s been a week, and I still can’t sneeze effectively.

I am going to test the ribs out this afternoon, but don’t have much hope they will be up for it.

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