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Perseverance and cold feet

Perseverance and cold feet

Around here the time has come for stepping directly out of the office footwear and into the bike shoes and hitting the trails without changing anything else about the outfit. Well, that is if your office outfit is Dobies and a T shirt.

This week one of those quick after-work spins in the woods was interrupted by a strange sight.

I took a shortcut along the side of a crystal-clear stream and squatting there in the water was our favourite photographer. I have written about him before, and I have even seen him in this very stream quite a few years ago, trying for an image he has in his mind.

He was on his own, testing his faith in the waterproof housing wrapped around his very valuable camera, experimenting with that same sought-after image.

I happened along, and was immediately involved in the project.

Stand there, ride along here, repeat please, etc, for the next very enjoyable half an hour.

Later in the evening I received a bunch of images, my pick was the one at the top of this newsletter: even with me as the model I think you will agree it is a great shot.

What I really like about it is the spangle of out focus highlights in the foreground - I love those things when they turn up in the background of night shots of cityscapes.

Whether or not this is the look G has had in his head these last several years is not yet known - we haven’t caught up about it yet - but I reckon it is a banger.

Andy Warhol reckoned a good photo is in focus and has somebody famous in it.

I reckon a good photo is partially out of focus and has an Nzo product in it.

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