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How to feel like a 12 Year Old

How to feel like a 12 Year Old

Method 1: Get a new bike. Nothing creates the feeling of being twelve better than swinging your leg over a bike for the first time, and riding it around the carpark outside the shop. That is a pricey way to get the pre-adolescent vibe, but hot rodding your existing sled is almost as effective.

That can range from a new frame for your excess parts to hang on, to a new set of grips, with any number of other dress-ups in between. Jumping aboard for an experimental fang up and down the driveway will make decades drop off your internal clock instantly.

Method 2: Go for an actual ride on the new bike. Or the hot-rodded one. Even if the modifications are minimal, you can convince yourself that corners are somehow more satisfying, jumps are floatier, drops are … well, droppier. The feeling can be maintained for a gratifying distance, especially if you make motorbike noises while you ride.

Method 3: Wear this t shirt. Initially intended for a kids downhill event, the Comic Book version of our Eagle vs Shark t shirt has proved popular enough among adults that we keep re-printing it.

The way this shirt will impact your behaviour is different from person to person, but it has proven to be strangely empowering. It even works if worn under business attire. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thrown out of your next staff meeting for telling your colleagues what you really think.



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