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Growing MTB Parks

Growing MTB Parks


Last week we delivered a run of custom stuff for a special crew.

They were happy with how it came out, we were very happy with how it came about.

We made mountain bike tops and t shirts for a group of people working in forestry. 

Half the staff in the company that manages the trees in our local patch ride bikes in the forest.

Many of the people who don’t ride bikes do other recreational stuff in the trees, and they love the forest as much as the bike-riders.

They came to us with their motto, and a shopping list, and we were stoked to be able to complete the operation.

The aspect of this project that really spun our wheels was knowing that the people responsible for cutting down trees are just as excited as the rest of us about the restoration of lost trails afterwards, and watching the new trees get established along the trails over the next few years and decades.

Much as we all love riding in the older sections of the woods, where the large variety of other plants that grow among the plantation crop have become well-established, we get that the plantation crop is there to be eventually chopped down. That the people doing it are into bikes and trails is a good thing.

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